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Hanging Zen Garden


Image of Hanging Zen Garden

Beautiful hanging ZEN GARDENS.
Ethically sourced & more importantly authentic palm stones used (sadly due to geology now becoming more mainstream, there is a lot of fake &/or unethically sourced mass produced products out there)

For anyone that may like one of these beautiful Zen Gardens for themselves or perhaps as a gift, they are made to order, so each one is unique.

If you enjoy the magic healing & energy properties of crystals & stones, you can have your Zen made to suit your requirements, love, abundance, confidence, creativity, calmness, you name which area of your life that you would like to enhance.
Or if you just like how they look, then they can be put together based on a colour preference. You will be contacted by email after you have placed your order to confirm your personal requirements.
Each Zen Garden will include 3 palm stones, an airplant & a lot of love.
You can add more of your own crystals if you want to. Just be careful that it doesn’t get too heavy & topple over!!